Instruments To Alleviate Back Pain


Using the Percussor and Cold Laser To Alleviate Back Pain

One instrument Dr. Lynch uses to help alleviate back pain is called the percussor. This tool feels like a massaging Alleviate Back Paininstrument. Most patients rave about how great the percussor feels.

The percussor is designed to release fascia which can alleviate back pain

This tool is used to break up scar tissue and “free up” bound muscle tissue that can keep spinal misalignments returning. Releasing fascia helps relax the muscles and helps allow the bones to move into their proper positions, thus removing pressure off of the nerve tissue.

At Lynch Chiropractic Health Center, Dr. Lynch addresses both the misalignments of the spine and the scar tissue and bound muscle tissue that are main causes of back pain.

Cold Laser Therapy can also help alleviate back pain

Dr. Lynch offers cold laser therapy, also known as low level laser, which , when used properly, can increase the healing process of back pain by reducing inflammation and pain. Cold laser therapy also helps stabilize and strengthen weakened muscles that can lead to misalignments of the spine in the first place.

Both the percussor and the cold laser assist to alleviate back pain.